About Us

Fabrizio and Vittorio, from Milan, meet themselves in 2005 for professional reasons. Immediately they realize that have common passion for night life, music and clubs.

Vittorio, since very young, plays records at private home parties trying to mixing tracks by using old 70’s turntables. Then, starts to make dance music cassettes for friends and, few years after, plays as DJ for some clubs in Milan area.

Later, together with some friends, starts to organize private parties and nights in different locations: he’s the DJ for each event. In the same period he makes mixed CDs for several clubs and disco-pub in Milan.

He always used to frequent not only Milan clubs and disco but also best clubs of Italian east coast, Sardinia, Spain, Ibiza and Greece.

Fabrizio, also, hardly used to frequent clubs in Italy and abroad. Passion for events leads him to collaborate with several tour operators in different holiday clubs all around the world. Further to a fantastic season in Greece he decides to reach his dream: he gets, as  owner together with other partners, a disco-pub in Greece, on Samos island.

Vittorio always had an idea and, in 2015, decides to try to make it real. He outlines it to Fabrizio quickly, in few minutes, on a Saturday morning. Fabrizio at once accepts without asking for more explanations…it seemed that he was waiting for the proposal. Here starts Natural Born Deejay (NBD): not only a fashion brand of T-shirts and sweatshirts dedicated to world of music, DJs and clubs but also a project. Aim of NBD is to create a DJs and Clubs network under this brand in order to promote their activity, events and parties. NBD wants to became a quality reference brand for all dance music addicted, for all clubbers, not only in Italy. NBD wishes to became a partner for DJ and clubs.

NBD is fun and passion for music, NBD means party, boosted bass that make the stomach vibrate, carelessness, NBD means cool living, cool looking, cool feeling!

NBD, Only for Clubbers!…